• GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch
  • GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch

GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch

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Veronica Rainnes submitted this photo on her journey using the GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch. Congrats on the success!

"My obesity problem has been with me for more than 6 years and has caused me a lot of inconvenience in my life and work, especially since my boyfriend left me, so I decided to lose weight, and during this time I tried a lot of weight loss methods, but none of them worked, and finally I had to seek weight loss help from the University of Southern Nevada Medical Center. GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch, a unique approach to weight loss that I had never seen before and I was very skeptical, but I have to admit that it works very well and has given me the beautiful body I have now."

- Beatrice Wilson,Nevada.

"The heavy workload in the office leaves me no time and energy to take action for my weight loss plan, but I deeply appreciate the trouble of obesity, most importantly it can cause many diseases, so I must lose weight, then my friend recommended GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch to me, I didn't believe it at all at that time, but I saw the change in her body after using it for almost 3 months. The change in my body, so I chose to believe in GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch, after 2 months of using it I saw a miracle happen to me, although it is used in a different way, the effect is very obvious, my friends and family are amazed at the change in me, they thought I was secretly going to the gym to lose weight, thanks to Ultraslim. "

-Olivia, 36 years old, Washington D.C.

GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch detoxifies the body with a detox patch to remove toxins and lose weight in a healthy way. It not only helps you lose excess weight but also inhibits the absorption of fat and calories in your diet. Its infrared magnetic dot technology helps to speed up fat metabolism, effectively eliminate dampness from the body, and help blood circulation. Reduces cellulite and promotes fat burning throughout the body.

Why Diet Is Not Enough For Detoxification?

The GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch aids in slimming down the entire body by eliminating toxins and excess fat at the cellular level. This results in the removal of unwanted impurities and the improvement of overall health by purifying the body. The patch contains natural ingredients that prevent the rebound effect, restoring a healthy, slim, and appealing body shape. Additionally, it regulates the digestive system and assists in eliminating excess fat. Unhealthy fats can increase your overall cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and may also elevate your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancers.

GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch can help you slim down your body by boosting your metabolism, remove toxins and increasing the rate that your body burns calories. It is made with natural ingredients and safe to use. You can apply the patches on your belly, hips, thighs and arms.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared is a segment of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate deep into the body, reaching tissues such as muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments after passing through 16 millimeters of subcutaneous tissue. Once it reaches these tissues, it can aid in repairing damaged cells, expanding microvessels, enhancing blood circulation, activating enzymes, and accelerating the metabolism of blood and cell tissues. This is achieved by raising body temperature and promoting physical activity, even during periods of rest. Furthermore, it enhances blood flow, circulation, and the body's synthesis of hormones and enzymes, all of which play an important role in promoting fat burning and weight loss. Through far infrared rays herbs can be released to penetrate into the underlying skin layers.

How Does GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch Works?

The GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detox Patch has the ability to burn subcutaneous fat and cellulite, leading to a noticeable reduction in body size and preventing the accumulation of future fat. Furthermore, it increases metabolism, effectively eliminates excess body moisture, and enhances the microstructure of the skin, resulting in a firmer and more hydrated appearance.

Consist of 3 Key Ingredients For Detoxifying:

Wormwood - Wormwood is believed to stimulate digestion and relieve spasms in the intestinal tract.

Ginger - The antioxidant gingerol, which not only fights skin-damaging free radicals, but also promotes a smooth and even skin tone.

Vermiculite - These antioxidants help fight against oxidative stress and free radicals in the body

The GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch is made of high-quality natural ingredients, among which wormwood can effectively reduce swelling; Ginger can promote health, relieve stress and tension, and it can effectively improve mood; Far Infrared & Magnetic Point can improve the blood circulation and burn subcutaneous fat and cellulite.  

Full Body Detoxification

The GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch works on the abdomen by stimulating body cells and enhancing blood circulation to prevent inflammation. It aids in eliminating toxins from the body and also generates warmth in the belly. Consistent usage of the patch can efficiently eliminate excess moisture from the body.

Let's get to know Diana and see her brilliant transformation with the help of GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detox Patch

Week 1

"I've been using it for a week now and I can already feel the difference it's making. My digestion has improved and I have more energy throughout the day. I am excited to see what other benefits I will get from continued use."

Week 4

"I had been struggling to lose weight for years, but the GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detox Patch was a total game-changer for me. After using it consistently for 4 weeks, I've lost over 30 pounds, and my neighbors are amazed at how much my body has changed in such a short time. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple solution to weight loss and detoxification."

Week 8

"After 8 weeks of using it, it has become part of my daily routine and I have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my skin and overall health. I have recommended it to all my friends and family who are looking to improve their health."

What Makes GFOUK™ Far Infrared Detoxing Patch Be The GREAT CHOICE:

 Increase Metabolism & Shred Fat

 Effectively Body Detoxification 

 Firmer, Smoother Skin

 Invisible Under Clothing

 Worked For Over 90% Of The Users

 Burns Fat 4x Faster Than Other Product

 Natural & Safe To Skin

 Maintains Healthy Body Weight

Natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss

Usage Directions

1. Cleaning the stomach or after a bath, make sure that your skin is dry because the wet patch does not stick.

2. Open the plastic of the patch carefully and slowly to prevent it from splitting or sticking together, if it sticks it will be difficult to remove.

3. To put it on, look at the patch hole as a reference, for women, the widest part of the patch goes under the belly and is glued slowly.


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