• Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings
  • Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings

Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings

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"If you're looking for a fat burner, this is perfect, I was hesitant but when I tried it and saw the result, I was incredibly happy!" "I tried so many slimming creams and anti-swelling pills before but none of them worked until my friend introduced me to these acupressure earrings and forced me to try them. At first, I thought it wasn't going to work but it did work, and a lot better than expected!" - Emma Berry

"When I was in my mid-thirties, I noticed that my body was changing: there was more fat, especially on my belly and waist. I tried a lot of products to find something that would get rid of those issues, and this one is the absolute best I've tried! It has kept my skin soft and firm, eliminating those crepes and bulges that become obvious as we age. This is my go-to weight loss accessory now!! Thanks!" - Ruth Montoya

Ear Acupuncture For Weight Loss? Here's The Point...

The widespread use of acupuncture for weight loss is the result of recent research developments showing that this approach can be successful. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when a French physician named Dr. Paul Nogier discovered those roots and went on to dedicate his life to researching it and creating the system of auriculotherapy practiced today.

In recent years, acupuncture ear therapy (also known as auricular acupuncture) for weight loss has received a lot of attention after a number of studies were conducted that showed significant weight loss following ear therapy. The ear is one of the densest areas of the body for nerve endings that are linked all over the body. There are dozens of different specific points on the ear, carefully studied and recorded over thousands of years, that can impact your health.

The ear is the most studied microsystem of the entire body

“In traditional medicine, it is believed that the body is made of internal meridians or pathways where energy flow (Qi) occurs, and the most common pathways are found in the ear area.

How Does Acupuncture Help In Weight Loss?

Improves Digestion (Stomach and kidney acupuncture points)
Improve the functioning of the digestive system and even increase the number of nutrients that are taken in by the body. By preventing slow digestion and improving gut health, you can relieve constipation, bloating, and other gastrointestinal issues that may keep you sedentary or lead to fat deposition.
Reduces Inflammation (Anti-Depressant Point)
By relieving tension and regulating the immune response of the body, acupuncture for weight loss can lower your levels of oxidative stress and optimize your body to shed the excess pounds.
Stops Water Retention (Endocrine Point)
Stimulating the endocrine system discourages water retention in the body. Preventing your body from storing excess water is a quick way to lose weight and help to keep it off.
Hormone Production & Balance (Spleen & Shen Men Point)
If your hormone levels are out of balance, many different bodily processes can be negatively affected, from digestion and cognition to healing and immune system function.
Boosts Metabolism (Thyroid Point)
Stimulating the thyroid area can boost the functioning of your pituitary gland, one of the key areas of the body in relation to metabolism. This can thereby increase the rate of fat-burning, making not only your workouts but also your daily activities, more effective in burning calories and losing weight.

It was discovered that this 5-acupuncture point combination was the most effective, yielding over a 6% reduction in the body mass index. [S. Yeo, K. S. Kim, S. Lim. Randomized clinical trial of five ear acupuncture points for the treatment of overweight people. Acupuncture in Medicine, 2013]

Let us hear from Claire's 4-week Weight Loss Transformation

WEEK 1: "My tummy is bloated and I didn’t know why it was that way at first, then when I tried researching about it I discovered that it is caused by poor lymphatic care and that fluid retention on body parts is what it does. Then I saw this Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings over the net and thought that I would give it a go."

WEEK 2: "Two weeks of consistently wearing the Nexus made some remarkable difference on my belly because it has been reduced greatly and the water weight has subsided. It is as if it is slowly flattening. I no longer feel very full and heavy as before. It is also very stylish and I don’t have a problem wearing it daily."

WEEK 4: "Finally I was able to get the results that I wanted. My belly is free from the retained fluid that makes it swell and it got lifted in such a way that the shape is in accordance with my body. Thanks to Nexus. I was able to reach my weight loss goal without straining my entire body from hard workouts in the gym. I also have more time to spend with my family since I don’t need to go out to exercise much. Highly recommended!"

What makes Nexus Acupressure Slimming Earrings a Great Choice?

  • Effective Aid in Weight loss
  • Proven Auriculotherapy
  • Accelerate Metabolism & Improve Digestion
  • Multiple Benefits – ear reflexology can also be used for a range of conditions such as weight loss, back pain, headache, fatigue, anxiety, cholesterol, and stress.
  • Easy Weightless (Simply wear like an ordinary earring)
  • Stylish Earrings


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