• Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser
  • Silky Smooth Hair Eraser

Silky Smooth Hair Eraser

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Silky Smooth Hair Eraser - Get Silky Smooth Skin Without The Hassle!

šŸ‘Ā Gently removes hairs where you want:Ā Hair removal has never been so quick and easy. Laser Hair Removal Device designed with you in mind, we know how good it feels when you finally shave your legs after weeks of wearing jeans. Soft smooth skin rubbing against your sheets, it's amazing.


Ā Why The Laser Hair Removal Device Is For You!

šŸ‘Ā Fast and pain-freeĀ :Shave any-part of your leg without itchy burns, nicks or skin irritation. Removing hair on the skin is easy and Ā painless. Keeping you're skin sexy and safe throughout your summer!


šŸ‘Ā Safe and softĀ :The Laser Hair Removal Device is very comfortable to use. Your skin remains very soft after hair removal without any stubble, strawberry legs or ingrown hairs ever again. The sense-light technology makes you rethink why you ever used a razor in the first place.Ā undefined

šŸ‘Ā Use anywhere :The Laser Hair Removal Device can be used anywhere you want. It can be used all over the body, face, arms and legs and even bikini line and armpits.

undefinedšŸ‘DermatologistĀ approved: TheĀ Laser Hair Removal Device is dermatologist approved.Ā 
šŸ‘Eco-friendly andĀ reusable: GentlyĀ exfoliates dead skin cell. Guarantees to remove unwanted hair.äøę˜Žē”®ēš„

šŸ‘Ā Small size andĀ ultra-light: ComfortableĀ to grip, easy to use and convenient to carry.
šŸ‘Ā Easy to clean:Ā No complicated cleaning process, this epilation has a washable detachable blade head, you just need to wash it with soap and tap water.
šŸ‘Ā Detachable design:Ā Easy to replace the heads according to your needs.


Ā Real Customers, Real ResultsĀ 

For Laser Hair Removal Device Use:

  • Touch the trimmer head to skin to begin hair removal of longer hair.
  • TheĀ purple sensa lightĀ guide and theĀ green activation LED will remain onĀ while the unit is in use.
  • Hold the to skin and gently glide the head of the unit along skin in theĀ opposite direction of hair growth at a 45 Ā° angleĀ ( NOT straight up and down).
  • Do not apply excessive pressure during use to avoid damage to skin or head of unit.

About this item

  • Material: ABS
  • Working current: 0.25A
  • Product color box size: 15*8.5*2.5cm
  • Product weight with color box: 120g
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Charging method: line charge
  • Charging time: 8-10 hours
  • Blade material: stainless steel

Package contents:

  • 1 * cleaning brush
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 xĀ Laser Hair Removal Device



  • Please fully charge the epilator for approximately 8-10 hours before the first use.
  • Use the epilator on clean and completelyĀ dry skinĀ without cream or cosmetic residue.

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